The Ombudsman Office: New Branding and New Objectives For 2023

It seems like the new work habits we adopted during and after the pandemic made us lose our ability to communicate openly and straightforwardly. And yet, these interactions are the most important and gratifying actions when processing a file. And above all, communication is so simple.

The daily work performed by the Laval Ombudsman Office lies on three fundamental values: integrity, efficiency, and empathy. Those values reflect in each action taken for all citizens and in collaboration with municipal services and general management.

The Ombudsman Office aims at achieving many objectives within the next two years, namely:

  • to adopt a revised approach with municipal services;
  • to improve access to the ombudsman office;
  • to better promote its services to citizens, especially to those 40-year-old and under and to newcomers.

One of the Office priorities for the year to come is to help
improve municipal services in a proactive way, which is in the very heart of its mission after the handling of complaints. With this aim in mind, building trust and confidence among citizens, municipal services and the ombudsman office becomes very important.