My name is Nathalie Blais and I am the Ombudsman of the City of Laval (OdL)

The purpose of the OdL is to foster public trust by acting as a link between citizen, the City and the elected officials

My goal is to process complaints fairly and neutrally by taking the necessary steps to get all the information from the services and the citizen in order to carry out a complete assessment, which allows me to position myself objectively in the face of the problem but also to improve citizen services.

It is essential in dealing with cases to be forthright, especially when it is difficult, to avoid unnecessary detours and complexities and above all to sincerely consider the other’s point of view.

For example, when a citizen contacts the City on several occasions for a recurring problem and does not obtain an answer, the OdL office ensures that the problem is taken care of and restores and maintain communication between the citizen, the service and the OdL.