Philosophy of Intervention

The Ombudsman intervenes or investigates whenever she has reason to believe that the municipal rights of a citizen or group of citizens have been or are likely to be violated. This can be done on her own initiative, at the request of a citizen or group of citizens, or at the request of the Executive Committee or City Council.


The Ombudsman cannot intervene or investigate disputes between private citizens or decisions rendered by a court, organization or person acting in a judicial or adjudicative capacity.

The Ombudsman may refuse to intervene or investigate. She cannot intervene or investigate a complaint if the complainant is unable to demonstrate, to her satisfaction, that all administrative recourses made available to said complainant to have been exhausted. The Ombudsman may also bring an end to an intervention or investigation if she believes the request to be frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith or that a legal remedy is likely to rectify the injurious situation.

Finally, should the Ombudsman decide to intervene or investigate, she must notify the Director General and Director of the relevant department and report the results to the complainant in writing.

Requests submitted to the Ombudsman are dealt with systematically. This is, however, an office of last resort. We therefore ask that citizens exhaust all other recourses made available to them by the municipal government. The Ombudsman or her administrative assistant can guide citizens towards the appropriate resources or act directly on their behalf to ensure that a citizen's case is brought forward. The utmost care is taken to listen to and respect all requests submitted to the Ombudsman, resulting in an approach geared towards mediation and conciliation.

Citizens can easily request the intervention of the Ombudsman: procedures are simple and cases are processed much more quickly than through legal recourses.

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