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Recourse to the Ombudsman is available to you, as a citizen of the City of Laval, if you feel that you have been or are likely to be aggrieved by an act or omission of the City or a paramunicipal body. This free and easily accessible service is offered to the public to review their claims impartially and independently of the municipal administration.


The City of Laval City Council has recently increased the powers of the Ombudsman, giving her all the necessary discretion to assess the merit of complaints. In addition, citizens no longer have to exhaust all legal recourses before appealing to the Ombudsman, who can also act on her own initiative.


Before appealing to the City of Laval Ombudsman, you must nevertheless have exhausted all administrative recourses made available by the City. If this is not the case, the Ombudsman will happily refer you to the relevant body. If your efforts fail to resolve the problem, the Ombudsman will review your claim and let you know if she can help or if it is necessary to investigate.


Recourse to the Ombudsman is impartial, confidential and free.


Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.


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Interview with Nadine Mailloux, City of Laval Ombudsman




The Ombudsman Presents her Annual Report
City of Laval Ombudsman Nadine Mailloux submitted her annual report for 2013 at the Council meeting on May 5, 2014. Ms. Mailloux was appointed by the Commission municipale du Québec on August 18, 2013, and took office on September 3, 2013.


Her report covers the 50 cases processed between September 3 and December 31, 2013. Of these, four investigations were conducted regarding zoning changes, snow removal and drainage between adjoining lands.


Increasing the Powers of the Ombudsman

On March 10, the City of Laval City Council increased the powers of the Ombudsman, offering citizens who have already dealt with the municipal government better access to services without having to take legal action. The Ombudsman is also free to receive, review and respond to requests submitted by citizens as she sees fit; She has full freedom of action. 


The Ombudsman can now investigate on her own initiative whenever there are reasonable grounds to believe that a citizen or group of citizens has been aggrieved. The City Council has also given Ms. Mailloux the power to review cases without limiting the definition of reasonable grounds.