An Ombudsman is an independent and objective person who reviews complaints submitted by citizens. After investigation, she determines whether a complaint is justified and makes recommendations to the City.


The Forum of Canadian Ombudsman gives the following definition: "An Ombudsman assists with the fair and expeditious resolution of complaints in an impartial, confidential and independent manner. Services are free of charge and the Ombudsman is not a representative of the person raising the complaint or the organization being complained about."


Originally, in accordance with its founding resolution (2010/845), the Office of the Ombudsman of the City of Laval was composed of twelve members appointed by the City Council with a two thirds majority vote. In October 2012, the City Council amended the composition of the Office, reducing the number of commissioners to a maximum of nine members (resolution 2012/534).


The Council appointed one of the commissioners President and the commissioners chose a Vice-President from among their own ranks. The Council also appointed a General Secretary and a Chairman of the Board. Commissioners performed their duties as volunteers.


In January 2013, the City Council overhauled the Office of the Ombudsman by adopting resolution 2013-58, which implemented the traditional model of a single Ombudsman who would address the concerns of the public without the aid of commissioners. On August 18, 2013, Nadine Mailloux was appointed Ombudsman of the City of Laval by the Commission municipale du Québec under a City Council resolution (2013-350) adopted on September 3, 2013. Ms. Mailloux's five-year term is renewable only once. She reports directly to the City Council and, by her method of appointment, operates independently of the municipal government.


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